lundi 17 novembre 2008

blog opening

Hi everyone

Welcome to my brand new blog, a complement to my web site

This blog will be usefull for those who are interested in seeing my new stuff without having to go thru my entire web site.
In you wonder why "The Star Eater", it's simply because it 's the title of the first animated short I directed some years ago (back in 1999) , all in 2D. I kept the name since for sentimental reasons I guess. Feel free to give your feedback!

For my first two "official" new drawings, I tough that it could be interesting to show my last film project in development, for now intitled "Le Tigre et le soldat" (the tiger and the soldier). The graphic style is radically different, since I tend to adjust my style to the subject of each project.

My second film project, a short film of about 8 minutes, is a children's book adaptation for the NFB. The book is called "Les Yeux Noirs" (the black eyes).
Finally, I also have a feature film project in develpment with MaxFilms and the NFB in Montreal, I will put some illustrations and concept arts soon as the project takes forms.


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